Unite the Rings of Power


In the town of Falas you meet another party of adventurers. After gaining their trust you learn that they are also heading to the Isle of Dread. You agree to work together to obtain passage to the island. You split up and head out into the town to find a boat to take you.

You put a deposit on a small craft that you hope to get towed to the island by the Falconseye.

You then head back to the Inn to wait for the arrival of the Falconseye.

When you reach your room, you are ambushed by an Eladrin knight dressed in the colours of the Prince of Frost. He attacks you with an owl bear and a group of quicklings. After defeating them, you realize too late that the other group of adventurers has sailed without you. Their message has arrived too late to allow you to reach the pier in time.



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