Unite the Rings of Power

Knights of Taur-nu-Fuin

When you get back to your rooms at Panhorn’s Inn, Clive warns you that it will mean disaster for your quest to reach the Prince of Frost if the Eladrin find out that is where you are going. Archfey are like demi-gods, and the Prince of Frost is a very mean spirited entity.

When you rise in the morning, the Eladrin knights, led by Singollo, the Captain of the Guards, is there to meet you. You tell him your cover story that you are pursuing a Tiefling that you suspect has gone to the Fortress of Frozen Tears, the palace of the Prince of Frost.

Singollo is horrified and believes that you have been misled. He is certain that the Prince of Frost would not be involved in any way with the Tieflings from the Natural World. Any such suggestion or rumor of such could bring ruin on Taur-nu-Fuin. Singollo implores you to return to your own realm and re-examine your evidence. He tells you that it would be impossible for what you suggest to be true.

You convince him that you will return to the Natural World through the portal by which your came.

Lorindol allows you to leave the city. Lindorie waves to Varan and tells him that she will never forget him. Perhaps it is for her that you are being spared and allowed to leave.

As you leave the city and head back south to convince the Eladrin that you are indeed returning home, Duor spots a spy, probably an elf, following at a distance, matching your pace. You chase him into the woods, but lose him at a clearing where you discover two tents.



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