Unite the Rings of Power

Spriggan Camp

As you chase the elf (or whatever it is) through the woods you come upon a camp in a clearing. Suddenly you are lured into the camp by floating white lights, which you quickly discover are Will-o-wisps. Your sounds bring spriggans rushing from their tents and they attack you. One of the spriggans grabs Clive, who has fallen under the spell of the Will-o-wisps.

With some quick manoeuvrings you bring down the spriggans and Will-o-wisps and rescue Clive.

During the fight, an Autumn nymph exchanges secrets with Varan. In return for learning that Varan has recently visited Bahamut on Celesia and that the party are in the Feywild seeking one of the rings of power, she tells Varan the following information:

“The Prince of Frost can be imprisoned by the Rod of Frozen Time.”


“You can reach the “Fortress of Frozen Tears” by finding the “Everwinter Portal” in the foothills of the Mountains of Frost."

After a short rest, Varan uses his Lodestone of the Planes to find the distance and direction to the portal. You conjure your horses and start heading North West.



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