Unite the Rings of Power

The Hag and the Wood Nymph

You set off following Varan’s Lode Stone. Soon you realize that you are being shadowed. You stop and come face to face with a Verbeeg hunter. He challenges you to escape his hunting party. They give you a running start. You manage to escape them. The chase has led you to a glade where two women are quarrelling.

Lacief tries to intercede, but the wood nymph attacks and the other woman transforms into a hag. You fight the two of them. When the hag is bloodied, she summons her Fey Spitter Spider guardians.

Clive suggests that the hag might know the location of the Rod of Frozen time.

Somehow you manage to make peace with the hag. She is a pact hag. She offers to make a pact with you. She will provide you with the location of the Rod of Frozen Time if you retrieve her sister’s ritual book, which was stolen by Yababa the bog hag. She warns you of Yababa’a crocodile.

You agree to retrieve the ritual book for her. Each hag has warded their realm against the other, so Bogumel cannot retrieve it herself. She give you a map to a bog about two days journey away.



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