Unite the Rings of Power

The Isle of Dread

After your boat has sunk, each of you has found yourself in the the water unable to find your companions. Each of you finds some wood in the wreckage on which to float and tries to get to shore.

It turns out the the fog has a beguiling power. None of you are sure of where you are or where you are going, but eventually you all make it to shore alone.

Each of you encounters the yuan-ti tribe who lives at this part of the island. Varan and Unthawed make quick friends with the yuan-ti and are taken to their village in the trees. Duor remains hidden and follows a year-ti patrol until he spot Unthawed entering their village, and which point he feints and illness and is taken in also. Caty is also found by yuan-ti and befriends them, but is far from their village, and so is taken to a guard house. Lacief is taken prisoner by the yuan-ti and locked in a cell with two others—Andronus and Lyrindel.

The party from Mithrendain has also shipwrecked here and are all lost and searching for each other.

When Caty arrives at the guardhouse, she discovers Lacief and the Mithrendains. She convinces the yuan-ti to release them, vouching for their characters.

Varan, Unthawed, and Duor pass the night in the yuan-ti village where they learn of the yuan-ti’s fight against the Su and the power that holds the tower of Halkith. In the morning, Caty and Lacief arrive at the village, and together you all meet Zennar the yuan-ti leader.

Over the next week you hone your skills and make a plan to attack the Tower of Halkith.

You will travel with a yuan-ti tracker named Sseemuss while the yuan-ti army circle around the island to the other side of the tower to create a diversion.



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