Unite the Rings of Power

The Portal

Near nightfall you arrive at the portal. You investigate it and discover that only magical beings can pass through the portal. Lacief discovers that she must shroud you in a spell that makes you appear to be fey, but it works only on magical creatures.

Yo Yo, the Horse of Xarn, changes size and opens her body to accommodate Duor, Varan, and Unthawed. Laceif then casts her spell and the party pass through the portal.

You find yourselves in a black stone room. A representation of the portal is etched on the wall behind you. Duor discovers a door that leads to a short and narrow corridor. When you open the door at the end of the corridor you discover that you are in a temple of the Raven Queen. A priestess conducts funerary rites over a shroud wrapped corpse. She notices you and motions for you to be seated. After an hour or so the ritual is over and the body is carried away.

You approach the priestess and ask where you are. After some convoluted answers, you discover that you are in a temple of the Raven Queen in a coastal city known as Falas, on a peninsula that is the last landfall before reaching the Isle of the Dead, which is still several hundred miles away. You ask to speak to someone more knowledgeable about the portal and about traveling to the Isle. You are directed to Zzinnin, a old drow. He tells you to go down to the docks, but warns you that you are unlikely to find a ship that will take you where you want to go.

You walk down into the city and meet a nautical carpenter named Seahorn Graveltoes. He is a helpful and friendly gnome who tells you that you are unlikely to find passage to the Isle of Dread, but if anyone will take you anywhere near it, it will be Captain Grace Falconseye. Her ship, the Falconseye, passes by the Isle on its regular route. The ship is due in port any day.

Seahorn also recommends the Glimmershore Inn. He says that Lanril Glimmershore will probably have rooms. The best part is that her inn is next to Samuel Adams’ brewery.

You go to the inn and secure a room for the night. There is only one room available because it is high shipping season. You are initially seated in the back alley and served your lunch and beer, but you are drawn into the main dining hall by a most beautiful singing voice. Unthawed, along with the rest of the crowd appear mesmerized by the songs of a satyr.

The satyr sits at a table with several other people who are all, obviously not sailors.

There his an eladrin woman clad in a white, off the shoulder dress, a woman with skin that looks like wood grain—a hamadryad you surmise, a human barbarian, a human woman dressed like a gypsy, and a sly looking gnome whom you only see when you look directly at him.



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