Unite the Rings of Power

Travels with Wolverine

You set off with Wolverine the gnome riding with Caty. You follow Varan’s lodestone through tall grass until you come to a river. You spend some time looking for a place to cross. Once across the land slopes sharply upward in very steep, rocky, craggy terrain, with gnarled trees.

You carefully pick a path upward, being watchful for displacer beasts.

All along the ride, Wolverine asks many questions and becomes more and more nervous about facing the Prince of Frost. He begins to try to talk you out of it, saying that there is no way that Tiandra meant for you to undertake a journey to the Isle of Dread. He suggests that you turn around and head back to the summer realm to report your finding and receive further instructions.

You resist his suggestions, but he becomes more insistent. Finally as a group you tell him to leave. At that moment, Duor spots a dragon circling and Caty suddenly notices that Wolverine is no longer behind her. You spot an old and withered looking eladrin standing above you on a rock. He is clad completely in black. His skin is the whitest you have ever seen on an eladrin.

You all fall asleep on your horses.

You awaken on your backs on a frozen plateau. You can feel the icy cold penetrating your bodies.

The Prince of Frost’s face appears above you in the sky. Looming large. He laughs and tells you that he captured and tortured the real Wolverine who had been sent with messages for you. He assumed his identity so that he could discover the nature of your incursion into his realm.

Duor manages to wake up and discovers that the icy plateau was only a dream. He wakes the others in time to see a dragon far off flying north with the Prince of Frost on his back.



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