Unite the Rings of Power

Verbeegs on the Hunt

You wake up in Yabbaba’s hut, eat a hearty breakfast and set out over the ridge. With two days travel you reach Bogamel’s hut. She appears behind you, takes the book and vanishes. At first you believe that you have been betrayed, but then you remember that Pact Hags always keep their word. You search her empty hut and find the map to the location of the Rod of Frozen time.

Unfortunately, you learn that the rod is locked away in the Tower of Halkith on the Isle of Dread, a place from which few have returned. The tower is guarded by Su, tribes of wild primates that have been corrupted and driven insane by Halkith before he disappeared from the Isle of Dread long ago.

Somehow you must get to the Isle of Dread. A journey that you estimate will take you two years by land and sea. Caty suggests that Varan try to use the Lodestone of the Planes to try to locate a portal that will take you to the Isle. You begin to follow the Lodestone through the woods.

As you approach a glade, near a river that comes from a spring, you detect the sound of large creatures pursuing something. As the sounds come closer you hear voices speaking in giant. They appear to be hunting a gnome.

Clive spots the gnome making his way through the grass towards some dense trees. Clive recognizes his clothing as belonging to the people of Tiandra. Soon Verbeegs, possibly the group that hunted you earlier, arrive and begin searching the area near you for the gnome. You manage to cross a bridge unseen and teleport into a copse of trees where you can remain hidden from the Verbeeg. Lacief uses her magic to continually detract the Verbeeg, giving the gnome a chance to hide.

It is not long, however, before the jig is up and the Verbeeg realize that they are being fooled. You try to intimidate them into leaving, but they’ll have none of it. A fight breaks out and the Verbeeg ringleader is killed. The others fight each other for control of the group until the trickster shows his power and takes over. But it is for naught. You overwhelm them, killing all but one who flees with his life.

The gnome comes out, gives the password to Clive, and tells you that he is a spy for Tiandra, working for the Western Guard, and that he was caught trying to infiltrate Taur-nu-fuin. The Verbeeg have been hunting him for three days.

At first he is reluctant to go with you on your quest for the Rod of Frozen Time. He says that he is a spy, not a fighter. He is even more reluctant when he find out that you have to go to the Isle of Dread. Finally he agrees to join you and go as far as the portal that will take you to the Fortress of Frozen Tears. He is not willing to face the Prince of Frost.



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