Unite the Rings of Power

Yabbaba and the Crocodile

You travel up and over the ridge that separates the valleys of Bogumel and Yabbaba. As you enter Yabbaba’s valley, you are attacked by a vengeful Phaneroy and his pixie warriors. They remain in the trees to avoid your melee attacks. Just when you think that you are about to defeat them, an old woman appears holding a spellbook. She destroys Phaneroy, then begins to taunt you.

You follow her down to a road and are immediately attacked by three feyspitter spiders. You defeat the spiders.

The old woman with the spellbook leads you down the path towards a hut. It is apparent that the woman is a projection. As you walk towards the hut, two Chuuls attack you. During the fight Clive is teleported away, presumably by Yabbaba. You beat the Chuuls then approach the hut in the depths of the swamp.

A deep pond blocks your path. As you approach the pond, an enormous crocodile leaps from the water and grabs Unthawed in its jaws. You do heavy damage to the crocodile which draws out the bog hag. She seems to focus her attacks on Lacief. Eventually she shape-shifts to look just like Lacief then tries to drag her into the pond.



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