Purple Dragon whose eggs were stolen by the Mind Flayer


Adult Purple Dragon


Azareena is an adult purple dragon who lives in the Underdark beneath the Dwarforge Mountains.

Purple dragons do not keep their eggs in their lair, but rather hide them near large bodies of water where hatchlings will be able to get a meal as soon as they are born. An Illithid sought out her clutch of eggs and stole two of them in order to use their inherent magic as part of a ritual to create a teleportation circle.

Azareena discovered that the Illithid had taken her eggs, but she did not know where the Illithid resided. She met a white dragon named Szartharrax who was searching the Dwarforge Mountains for a new lair for herself. Azareena agreed to spare Szartharrax’s life and allow her to take a lair in the mountains if Szartharrax would retrieve her eggs.

As a smaller dragon, Szartharrax was able to penetrate smaller caverns than Azareena. During her investigations, she discovered dwarven tunnels that led to the chambers of the Illithid from the surface. She gained access to the chambers and witnessed the Illithid studying teleportation circle rituals and also recognized the Dwarven ring of power on his hand.

Seeing a way to pursue two of her interests, obtaining a safe lair and returning the rings of power to the humanoids, she approached the adventurers to find Azareena’s eggs and retrieve the Dwarven ring.

Azareena agreed to help the adventurers defeat the Illithid in gratitude for the return of her eggs, and to ensure that this hostile neighbour was eliminated.


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