Priest of Orcus who is trying to open a rift to the Shadowfell


Elite controller


A priest of Orcus named Kalarel heads a death cult at the Keep on the Shadowfell.\

Kalarel uncovered the truth about Shadowfell Keep a few years ago, after finding records dating back to the time of the original opening of the rift. Since then, he had been ceaselessly researching an evil ritual that he believed would allow him to shatter the seal and once more open the rift.

Even as he researches the vile rites, Kalarel continues to expand his influence. After gaining control of the keep, he placed agents in the surrounding areas. Kalarel had established dominion over a tribe of goblins that had set up a lair within the subterranean chambers beneath the keep. These creatures, led by a goblin named Balgron the Fat, guard the place ferociously, not completely out of loyalty to Kalarel but due to their own thirst for wealth and power.

Kalarel also installed an elf spy named Ninaran in Winterhaven. Through the reports of this individual, Kalarel kept an eye on the activities of Winterhaven’s residents and knew when newcomers arrived.


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