Elven hunter and spy for Kalarel


Elf Archer


When the adventurers first encounter Ninaran, she is a quiet elf hunter who usually drank alone.
Ninaran was not interested in conversation. She was stiff and bitter in demeanor. Unknown to the party at the time, she was Kalarel’s agent in Winterhaven and reported back to him about happenings in the village.

After meeting her a few more time, she tells the adventurers that she is an Elven hunter who moved to Winterhaven a few years ago, attracted by the quiet small town life and the safety of the town walls at night.

After the party gained her trust, she warned them that more and more town folk seemed to be under the control of some sort of cult. She had witnessed cult members coming and going from a waterfall in the woods not far from town where some Kobolds appear to have set up a hideout. She told the adventurers where the waterfall is, but declined to accompany them for fear of her life and home if the cult members found her in league with the party.

After the party survive the ambush at the waterfall lair and the fight with Irontooth, Ninaran is no where to be found, but one night the town comes under attack when the dead begin rising out of the Winterhaven graveyard.

At the graveyard, the adventurers discovered gravehounds and skeletons under the control of a magic circle drawn on the ground. During the ensuing battle, Ninaran was discovered to be in control of the circle.

When she is defeated, among her effects was found a note, handwritten in common and signed by Kalarel, that stated the following:

“I received your report on the adventurers. Next time you see
them, put an end to their meddling. Mix the blood of ten people
with the elixir my messenger brings. Then trace the following
pattern on the ground of a graveyard and pour the liquid into the
lines. That should supply you with a force to thwart them. I’m
very close to completing my work and cannot be interrupted. As
you already know, if you do come to the second level of the keep,
the pass phrase is “From the ground, some magic was found.”

After being questioned, Ninaran revealed that the true pass phrase was “And life fails in the dark”.


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