Orest Naerumar

Fallcrest merchant and servant of EVIL!


The Naerumar family of Tieflings is descended from ancient Bael Turathian dynasties and maintain major businesses in the region. In Fallcrest this revolves around Naerumar’s Imports. The proprietor and head of the ‘family’ in Fallcrest is Orest Naerumar.

There are approximately twenty Naerumar’s within the Fallcrest area made up of various cousins and siblings. Orest is the eldest surviving Naerumar, his wife Delwanna and himself run the family business which often deals in hard to find magical items or rare art pieces along with various cultural finds that appeal to the locals. They have four children of their own from toddler to young man in age. His sister, Loxtwanna lives on the outskirts of town and maintains a lucrative caravan line that covers all the way west to Winterhaven and as far east as Hammerfast, delivering or guarding anything that needs it, despite the contents/cargo involved. Her family consists of twin children in their late teens and her husband Charrakin who handles the caravan lead while she handles the business side of things. The remaining half of Naerumars in the area handle farming and simple crafts in the area and consist of various cousins / aunts / uncles of the family.

The adventurers encounter Naerumar in Fiveleague House which he had taken over and set up as an ambush. He is defeated and his plot foiled. He claimed he did not want the quest to succeed because he would not tolerate the return of the Dragonborn empire of Arkhosia.

Orest Naerumar

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