Sir Keegan

A Knight of the Nerath who was overcome by the power of Orcus in ancient times


Skeleton Knight


He was the last Nerath commander at the Keep on the Shadowfell, pledged to keep the Shadowfell Rift sealed.

As commander of the keep’s soldiers, Sir Keegan held the responsibility of protecting the rift. In that duty he failed, and to this day, his spirit despairs over his failure.

It was his charge to keep the rift sealed, lest Orcus’s unholy powers once again seeped into the world. Unfortunately, he allowed the influence of the Shadow Rift and his knowledge of the crumbling empire to distract him from his sworn oath. The corruption that lies on the
other side of the rift touched him and triggered disaster.

Orcus’s vile taint soaked through the rift and into his dreams. A madness overcame him. He was possessed! In a rage, he drew his sword and slew his wife and children. From that bloody deed he
moved outward, attacking his captains, one by one, killing them even as they stared in shock.

Finally the alarm went up, and what remained of the legion banded together against him. Even in his rage, he knew that he couldn’t best them all, so he fled into the crypts to hide from vengeance.

Only then did the madness lift. He realized what he had done and despaired. He had killed his love and broken his oath. More than that, he had done so with his sword, Aecris, an implement given to him by King Elidyr when he was knighted.

The remnants of his legion sealed the passage and trapped him in the crypt.

In his undead form he still remains a servant of Bahamut. He willingly gives Aecris to any that he deems worthy of it

Sir Keegan

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