Small goblin who has become a servant of the party


Goblin sharpshooter


The adventurers first met Splug when he was a prisoner of Balgron the Fat in one of the guard rooms in the Keep on the Shadowfell. Splug provided the party with useful information, and so he was released after the defeat of Kalarel. Splug felt indebted to the party.

Splug is encountered again at Fiveleague House during the fight with Orest Naerumar. This time Splug is a servant to the goblins that are employed by Naerumar to kill Caty and Varan.

Once again Splug’s life is spared and so he begs the adventurers to allow him to be their servant. He will hunt, cook, clean, make camp, scout ahead, and even fight with the party if they will allow him to stay with them.

Splug joins the adventurers in their quest to retrieve the Dwarven ring of power from the hands of a Mind Flayer in the Underdark.


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