Young Female White Dragon


Young White Dragon


A young white dragon that came down to the Nentir Vale from the lands of the far north. She was seeking a place where she could build her hoard before moving on to find a secret lair.

She found a small clan of Kobolds who were living near Fallcrest and occasionally raiding caravans and farms. The Kobolds were no real threat to travel along the King’s Road prior to the arrival of Szartharrax—and, in fact, they were considering moving from the valley due to a large influx of goblins north of Winterhaven who were taking all their business.

Szartharrax emboldened the Kobolds and they stepped up their raids in order to provide food and treasure for their new master.

For reasons unknown, Szartharrax allied herself with the adventurers, who had come to slay her, and agreed to leave the Nentir Vale to seek a lair in the Dwarforge Mountains.

While in the Dwarforge Mountains looking for a new lair she came across a purple dragon named Azareena. She learned of Azareena’s plight and sought out the adventurers to retrieve the purple dragon’s eggs.


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