Spring Nymph


Verdanna is a Spring Nymph who lives in a glade that is a worldfall between the natural world and the Feywild. Every evening the glade slips from the Feywild into the natural world and Verdanna and her companions enter the natural world. Sometimes they lead unwary travelers into the Feywild—especially if the travelers are young, attractive men.

The adventurers stop in Verdanna’s glade to camp and meet the fey denizens. Unfortunately, the adventurers forget that they were actually looking for Verdanna as she has a teleportation stone which they will need to return to the surface from the Underdark. They misinterpret Verdanna’s playfulness for malice and fight her.

After some frantic diplomacy the adventurers obtain the teleportation stone, but lose their companion Delphinia Moongem who stays behind as collateral.

Verdanna tells Duor that to use the teleportation stone, all creatures must touch the stone and concentrate on the place that they want to go. It must be a place that all of you know and have seen. When you are ready say “Stone take me to …”.


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