Unite the Rings of Power

The Eye of Gruumsh! What is HE doing here?
Orcs attack from nowhere!

First it was Tieflings and other townsfolk-worshipers of The Elder Elemental Eye attacking you and trying to take over Fallcrest—and now, out of nowhere, a band of Gruumsh’s ravaging orcs jump you!

Just as you prepared to ride off to the Moonsong Temple, a band of orcs and half-orcs burst from one of the outbuildings of a property in Fallcrest. They only seem to have one thing in mind, kill the dwarf and capture the ring for Gruumsh.

These orcs are not easily defeated, and Unthawed goes down unconscious during the fight. Luckily a coordinated effort by the team brings the orcs down, but only at the loss of two of your horses and a lot of your key attack powers.

Now you’ve got a mystery on your hands… are followers of Gruumsh also worshipers of The Elder Elemental Eye, or are the two groups working independently? The later seems more likely. There is no love between Gruumsh in his realm in the Astral Sea and the Infernal Powers of the Abyss!

The Tieflings and their allies appear to be bent on stopping your quest to unite the rings, whereas, the orcs only seemed to care about getting the Dwarven ring.

At the end of the battle, you are tired and in need of recovery, but bells are ringing and guards are calling from the town walls …. Fallcrest is under siege! Ahead of you, in the vicinity of the Moonsong Temple, fires appear to be erupting on rooftops… can you afford to abandon the people of Fallcrest and take a rest now?

And what of Lady Markelhay? Now that you have unmasked the imposter, is her life in danger? Where is she being held? With one of the Tiefling families, or at the Moonsong Temple?

Turncoat Guards!

As you leave Moonstone Keep on your way to The Moonsong Temple, you are stopped by a group of Fallcrest guards that includes the Captain that you dined with that evening. They challenge you and try to turn you back to your Inn.

A battle ensues, you kill all but one guard and manage to capture 4 horses.

Interrogating one of the guards, you discover that the town guard and many other key locations in town have been infiltrated by cultists of the Elder Elemental Eye. It seems that their mission is to stop you from continuing to gather the rings of power.

Mystery at Moonstone Keep

After the attack at the Temple of Erathis, the adventurers decided to follow up the lead that something might be wrong with Lord Markelhay at Moonstone Keep. The guards were reluctant to allow the party to enter, claiming that the Lord and Lady are unavailable. After some intimidating muscle-flexing from Varan, the party gain entry and meet with Lady Markelhay.

The Lady tells the party that Lord Markelhay is ill. She dismisses the party, claiming that she must have her meal. The adventurers continue to press the Lady, trying to gain access to the Lord since Unthawed has great healing skills. The Lady continues to discourage the party. Finally, Duor notices that there is something wrong with the Lady—she is not what she seems. Questioning from Lacief catches her in errors of knowledge.

Before anything can happen, Duor shoots the Lady. She immediately fights back, and is joined by two Cambion Hellswords and two Tieflings. After a short battle, the enemies are slain, with one of the Tieflings slitting the throat of the fallen Lady Markelhay—as she dies, her shape shifts and the corps of a Doppelganger is revealed.

Lord Markelhay is healed, then it is realized that the real Lady Markelhay is missing. By nature, for Doppelgangers to accurately duplicate a specific person, that person must be kept alive.

The tieflings are recognized as members of the houses of Naerumar and Azer, both upstanding merchant families in Fallcrest. Orest Naerumar is the tiefling that arranged the ambush for the party at Fiveleague House and who was killed by the party.

The party sits down for a quick meal and a planning session, trying to decide where to go next, the House of Naerumar, the House of Azer, or the Moonsong Temple.

Return to Fallcrest

You arrived at Wizard’s gate after a short two day ride from Verdanna‘s glade. It is at that moment that you realized that you no longer had Splug with you. At this eastern gate to Fallcrest you noticed something odd about the guards, but you couldn’t quite figure out what is wrong.

After entering the city you discussed who you should talk to to figure out where to go next in your quest to assemble all the rings of power. Cirdan is several days journey away at the coast, so you used the Animal Messenger spell to send him a message via a Raven informing him of your status and requesting instructions.

You got rooms at the Silver Unicorn Inn and were informed of various rumours involving the tieflings in the town and the strange goings on at the Moonsong Temple (Sahanine).

You next visited the House of the Sun (Temple to Pelor) and met with the cleric, Grundelmar the Dwarf. He told you that Orest Naerumar has been missing for a couple of weeks. You did not tell him that you, in fact, fought and defeated Orest at the Fiveleague House. Grundelmar is suspicious that something unusual is happening at the Temple of the Moon.

Finally, you visited the Temple of Erathis and met with Divinia Moonbrow. She told you that Curufin went to Raven Roost a couple of weeks ago and has not been heard from since. He even failed to respond to an Animal Messenger. Divinia also told you that Orest is missing, that the tieflings seem to be involved in something at Moonsong Temple, and that Lord Markelhay might be ill—he has not been seen at services for the past week.

You decided to leave the Temple of Erathis and head to the Moonstone Keep. As you exited, you were attacked by a group of Gargoyles, each baring the mark of the Elder Elemental Eye. You defeated them.

The Last Act of Sir Keegan

After passing between the trees in the Feywild the adventurers find themselves in a familiar glade on the road between Fallcrest and Fiveleague House.

When they return to the road, they face five mounted knights — knights of the ancient Nerath Empire. They appear to be alive, but a careful examination reveals that they are specters.

The lead knight spoke: “I am Sir Keegan. I have come to thank you for freeing my spirit and that of my wife, children, and the knights from the Keep. I leave you these gifts to continue my fight against evil and to return the glory of the Nerath to the world…”

He and the knights vanished. All that remained were four statuettes of horses (Obsidian Steed AV1 p. 182) and a large horse that appeared to be made of metal (Adamantine Horse of Xarn DM2 p. 148). It was immediately attracted to Caty and Varan, both devotees of Bahamut. In the end, Caty chose to ride the horse.

The adventurers decided to return to Fallcrest to restock their supplies, sell their treasure, and figure out where to go next.

Returning the Stone

Instead of arriving in the glade by the Dwarven Trade Road, the adventurers found themselves in the Feywild.

They were surrounded by Satyrs, Elves, and Gnomes, including Gunch and the other creatures that they had fought in Verdanna’s glade.

They request that the adventurers lay down their weapons while they were conducted to a meeting with Verdanna.

Verdanna is disdainful but asks them whether their quest was successful. She demands the return of her stone.

After a brief exchange, Delphinia Moongem approaches. She is dressed as an Elf Rogue (Level 2).

She stated: “I no longer wish to guide you on your adventures in the Nentir Vale. I found a new life among the servants and friends of Verdanna. Gunch has taught me many adventuring skills, and I have traveled on a great adventure here in the Feywild since you left me.”

“Perhaps, Duor, our paths will cross again one day”, she said.

Verdanna said: “Adventurers, be wary of who you befriend and who you attack. A seeming enemy could be an ally. Do not always be quick to strike. Determine first if the danger is real.”

“I did not have to help you by loaning you my stone—especially after you treated me so poorly in my own home. I helped you only to help myself. I did not want to see our valley overrun by Duergars and enslaved Dwarves, and I judged you capable enough of stopping this threat.”

“You may leave. Just walk between the bowed trees and you will be back in the natural world again.”

Flaying the Mind Flayer

Azareena the Purple Dragon created a diversion while the party sneaked into the chamber of the Mind Flayer. He was quickly dispatched, proving himself no match for the onslaught brought by the party. Perhaps he was distracted by the amount of mental focus required to control his army of thralls and slaves as they battled the Purple Dragon.

Thorough searching turned up a key to a vault that contained a massive treasure hoard.

They were locked in the room, but fortunately had the teleportation stone to get them out. They envisioned the glade of Verdanna and said the words that activate the stone.

Friends in the Underdark

Upon leaving the chamber with the eggs, the adventurers are confronted by a dark figure that turns out to a the Drow Quewan, send by Szartharrax to guide them to Azareena the Purple Dragon’s lair.

She guides them to the lair, but will not enter with them, citing fear for her safety.

The adventurers venture in alone and are immediately confronted by a large adult Purple Dragon. She appears before them in all her fury and splendor, causing them to be stunned. Caty and Varan quickly placate her by indicating that Szartharrax has sent them to retrieve her eggs and return them to her. In exchange, they ask for her help in distracting the Mind Flayer’s army while they attempt to defeat him and retrieve the Dwarven Ring of Power. Lacief’s presence seems to annoy Azareena during the negotiations, so she dominates the Wizard with her gaze, but soon frees her once she realizes that the adventurers mean her no harm.

Azareena invites the adventurers to rest and refresh themselves before the fight.

She then flies off with the eggs, presumably to hide them.

Chamber of the Eggs

The Mind Flayer is conducting his ritual to create a teleportation circle in a chamber that is full of traps! The doors are trapped, the floors are trapped, even the platform with the eggs is trapped.

After securing the guardroom with a Nail of Sealing and a Silence spell, Lacief successfully disables the trapped door to the chamber with the eggs. Duor easily unlocks the door and the adventurers proceed up the stairs to the dark chamber.

The eggs are found on top of a platform carved from red stone. Laceif detects both the magic of the dragon eggs and the magic of the ritual in progress. A quick check also determines that the stairs that lead to the platform is trapped and so are the tiles on which the eggs rest. Lacief floats Duor on a Tensor’s Floating disk up to the egg platform where Duor attempts to disable the traps. The trap beneath one egg is disabled, so Caty sends her unseen servant to retrieve the egg.

Unfortunately while attempting to disable the trap beneath the second egg, the trap is sprung and bars swing down from the ceiling, barely missing Duor, but trapping him in the cage with the egg.

Quick thinking Unthawed uses the power of Duor’s Amulet of Passage to teleport himself into the cage. He then proceeds to hack at the bars until he has broken enough to enable Caty’s unseen servant to carry out the second egg.

Meanwhile, outside the guardroom, additional guards have found it locked by the Nail of Sealing, and they attempt to break in. Caty, Varan, and Splug stand guard in case the Troglodytes break through.

Duor and Unthawed use the Tensor’s Floating Disk to escape the red stone platform. While up on the platform Duor noticed something that might be an escape route on the opposite side of the chamber. He also noted two drawers or cupboard doors built into the wall.

A quick check of the floor reveals that it is indeed trapped, but using the Tensor’s Floating Disk, Laceif is able to ferry everyone over the traps to the opposite side of the room. While Duor and Laceif attempt to find and open a secret door, Unthawed and Varan discover 340gp in sacks in the cupboards.

Duor’s attempt to disable the trapped door sets off the trap and Laceif takes a minor hit from a dart. Before another dart can be unleashed, the party open the door and exits the room.

Troglodyte Guardroom

Duor picked the locks to the guardroom outside of the room that contains the dragon eggs. As the doors are opened, the adventurers are able to get off a surprise attack against the Troglodyte guards. A fierce corridor battle ensues. The Troglodyte Curse Chanter is quickly taken out before he can do too much damage, but both Unthawed and Varan take heavy damage finishing off the other guards.

The last remaining Troglodyte Impaler surrendered before he is killed. Varan intimidates him into revealing that the eggs in the next room are guarded by traps and that he expects that the Mind Flayer will come to perform a ritual on the eggs within the hour.

He said that if they try to rest here other guards or the Mind Flayer will find them.

The Troglodyte is tied up.


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