Unite the Rings of Power

Grilled Shrimp Dinner

Though tired, the team presses on. The map guides them to the chamber where the dragon eggs are likely to be. LaCief senses arcane power emanating from the area in the direction that the map indicates the chamber lies. She detects both dragon magic and something else…

Duor sneaks down a corridor with a faint light at the end. Keeping low and out of sight, he detects two Duergar guards at a door with a lantern hanging above. LaCief creeps up and inadvertently alerts the previously drowsy guards. Her search for arcana reveals no new information, except that the dragon eggs are nearby and beyond the guarded doors. Duor fires at the guards. They rush forward and return fire. The party moves up and dispatches the guards, one by a head crushing smash from Varan, but comes under attack by Cave Fisher Spikers who knock them over. Meanwhile, footsteps are heard coming down the passage from which the party approached. The party regroup in the room and destroy the Cave Fishers while another, more powerful looking Duergar appears.

This Duergar casts a fire bomb into the room knocking all but Duor and Unthawed to the ground. Varan charges the Duergar and creates a wall, blocking his attacks, and doing severe damage to him. Duor then appears and shoots the Duergar to the ground before he can get off another attack.

Varan hauls the critically wounded Duergar into the guard room and threatens him with an icy and painful death if he does not provide information about what is ahead.

With his dying breath the Duergar tells them that the Illithid is not in his chambers, that a contingent of Troglodytes guard the next room, and that the eggs are in the chamber beyond.

Mustering for War

Following the Dwarven map, they follow a trail that passes high above a deep cavern. The enormous cavern is lit by torches, fires, and large, burning vents. The chamber is full of soldiers all armed and preparing for war.

There are many species, including Kruthiks, Myconids, and Duergar.

The cavern echos with the sounds of shouts and the crashing of hammers on steel.

After about an hour they enter a set of diverging and converging corridors and caverns where they encounter a patrol of Myconids and a pair of Troglodytes. Both groups are defeated after heated battle.

In the final battle with the Troglodytes, Caty prevents his escape by hitting him hard, then taking him down with the Flames of Phlegethos!

Journey to the Underdark

The six perilous rooms are crossed with relative ease by the party; however, three days of non-stop travel and the harshness of the environment do take their toll.

The Icy chambers are crossed by the use of rope shot by an arrow to the far side.

The Forget-me Mushrooms are traversed with little harm.

The ledge is traversed and the wall is climbed with only cuts and bruises.

The Chamber of stalactites and stalagmites proves to be an easy puzzle thanks to Caty’s unseen servant and Lacief’s light spell and mage hand; however, Unthawed gets a bit lost and finds himself tangled in spider webs.

The black lake is cross with a combination of Tensor’s Floating disks and Lacief’s Walk on Water spell.

King Thrayor of Hammerfast

A day’s journey from Fiveleague House brings the adventurers to the gates of Hammerfast.

After some negotiation, the party is admitted to the city, and a meeting is arranged with Gunthull, the Magistrate of Non-Dwarven Relations. Gunthall hears them out and is eventually convinced that the mission and the threat is real. He arranges a meeting with King Thrayor.

They convince Thrayor to support the mission. Thrayor gives them a map to the Illithid’s domain and supplies them with food and climbing equipment. The Illithid is known to the Dwarves because he is an ongoing threat to Mithril miners.

Thrayor warns them NOT to use Sun Rods or other bright sources of light—torches, candles, and lightspells only. Light will draw dangerous creatures. It will take about three days to reach the Ilithid’s realm if they do not stop to sleep. Sleep is dangerous because staying in one place too long will attract roaming creatures.

As Thrayor gives them the map he says:

“The rock is of all colours, although grays, browns, and yellowish tan are most common. Parts of the route are worked, but much of the tunnels are natural passages, caves, galleries, and so forth. The route always descends. The darkness is not total; there are sometimes patches of phosphorescent lichens, lighting the way with a faint glow (almost like faerie fire).

“Swarms of fire beetles pass now and again, and their glowing abdomens shed sufficient light to see clearly. Cave bats flutter overhead periodically, huge ugly things which have forsaken the clean air of the upper world for the foul atmosphere of the subterranean. Now and again a current of dank, cold air can be felt moving downwards and bearing a musty scent throughout the corridors of this dismal underworld.

“Should the party ever remain still and listen, they will note many strange sounds: twitterings, squeakings, scrabblings. Various and sundry tiny noises can be heard, noises which are disturbing despite their muted sound.”

The map shows multiple tunnels that lead in many directions, branching and joining. Only a few passages lead to each area. Six dangerous areas along the passage are highlighted: Icy Chambers, Forget-me Mushrooms, Ledges of Doom, The Wall of Menthis, Chamber of Teeth, and the Black Lake.

Stopover at Fiveleague House

Duor is returned to the party somewhat disheveled, but otherwise intact. He has the Teleportation Stone and his amulet. Despite his obvious fatigue from being awake the entire night, he is anxious to get on the road—adventure awaits!

It is still three days walk to Hammerfast. The weather has turned extreme as the adventurers approach the foothills of the Dwarforge Mountains. For the entire first day they endure the cold, damp, windy weather. It is very hard to start a fire or keep their gear dry when they stop for a meal.

Ahead on the road they spot a stockade that appears to surround a large building. When they reach the stockade gate, they see a sign that says Fiveleague House Inn and Tavern.

A voice calls down to them from atop the gate house:

“Who goes? What is your business?”

After obtaining entrance, they are greeted in the sparsely populated dining hall by a burly human.

Two dogs sleep by the fire. Two cloaked patrons sit in a corner eating a meal and talking quietly.

The man introduces himself and asks if they want rooms and a meal. He suddenly becomes nervous as one of the guests in the corner stands and approaches. He grabs the innkeeper and puts a knife to his throat and holds him in front of himself.

You recognize the guest as the Tiefling Orest Naerumar, a business owner from Fallcrest.

Orest says:

“I understand that you are seeking the ancient rings of power. I cannot allow this. I will not allow you to restore the Empires of Nerath and Arkhosia. Tieflings will never again be ruled by men and filthy dragonborn!”

Orest slits the throat of the innkeeper, then, suddenly, smoke erupts all around. When it clears, they see:

Three Hobgobins behind them, three Hobgoblins in front of them, and three Hobgobins to their right.

By the fire they see another Tiefling and two dogs—which they begin to suspect are not dogs at all!

Orest and the Innkeeper are gone.

A battle ensues and very quickly goes bad for the goblins and the Tiefling. Orest returns and joins the fray, but is quickly dispatched.

Found among the goblin’s belongings is Splug, a small goblin that the adventurers imprisoned in the Keep on the Shadowfell. He is a prisoner of Orest and his goblins. Splugs begs to become the servant of the adventurers and quickly makes himself useful by preparing food and clearing up the mess of corpses.

Much treasure is found in the innkeeper’s office in a chest that belonged to Orest.

The Woods of Verdanna

After journeying for a couple of days from Fallcrest, heading towards Hammerfast, the adventurers stop to camp for the night and encounter a Satyr named XXX. They join the Satyr at his campfire, but do not seem to trust him. As Duor checks out the perimeter of the glade where they plan to camp, a beautiful green woman appears to him and attempts to kiss him.

Duor pulls out his knife and stabs her. A fight ensues as the adventurers jump to their feet in response to Duor’s call. Other Fey beings begin to appear, including a Gnome and some Elves.

Perhaps out of fatigue, the party failed to realize that they had found Verdanna the Nymph, as was foretold by Nimorazan. To get the teleportation stone from her that would be crucial in their escape from the Underdark, Duor had to agree to retire with Verdanna for the evening in the Feywild. Not trusting the adventurers, Verdanna demanded collateral to ensure the return of her stone.

Delphinia Moongem volunteers to stay with Verdanna—perhaps heartbroken when Duor left her to spend the night with Verdanna.

Verdanna tells Duor to use the Teleportation Stone, all creatures must touch the stone and concentrate on the place that they want to go. It must be a place that all of you know and have seen. When you are ready say “Stone take me to …”.

Return of the Prince
Returning the Ring and Prince Olowe to Cirdan. Returning the Dragon Skin to Wizard in Fallcrest.

As they continue south towards Winterhaven they see ahead what appears to be a small army approaching. There are several mounted horses. Some of the riders carry banners. Most of the riders appear to be wearing armor. Behind the riders there is a large group of people.

The lead rider breaks away from the group and rides up to the adventurers. It is King Cirdan. He leaps from his horse and embraces his son.

After thanks and greetings are exchanged, the rest of the group catches up. It is many of the townsfolk and Lord Padraig from Winterhaven. Lord Padraig thanks all profoundly and invites them back to rest up in the town.

Cirdan and Lord Padraig invite them and all the town to a banquet on the grounds of the manor.

Upon reaching Winterhaven, the town cheers as the adventurers walk through the gates. Content Not Found: salvana-wrafton welcomes them to the Inn and directs them to their rooms to prepare for the banquet.

At the banquet, Cirdan makes a speech:

“Ladies and Gentlemen of Winterhaven, we are gathered here tonight to honour 5 heroes.

“Less than a month ago these strangers found me dying beside the road, a victim of a goblin attack. Two precious items were stolen from me in that attack, the Eladrin Ring of Power, and my own son Olowe. These 5 strangers agreed to give up their common lives and join together to take on a quest of finding my son and the ring and returning both to me.

“Along the way, they have restored safe passage to the roads between Fallcrest and Winterhaven and the crumbling Keep; befriended a dragon that might otherwise have become a threat to the wellbeing of this valley; defeated a small goblin army; and thwarted the plans of Orcus to enslave the world by closing again the rift to the Shadowfell.

“What is more, they have agreed to go on a quest to find all the rings of power that were stolen so long ago so that together the great races of Eladrin, Human, Elf, Dwarve, and Dragonborn can reestablish dominion over these lands and remove from this world the races of evil beings sent by the gods of evil to defile and dominate the Natural World.

“With their help, the world will be made safe again for all free races.”

Cirdan makes a toast to the adventurers. Then says:

“I want each of these heroes to introduce themselves and tell us what was their greatest exploit on this quest.”

As each adventurer speaks, Cirdan and Olowe reward them with a new magic weapon.

Cirdan thanks the adventurers one more time, then invites everyone to eat and drink and celebrate this first victory. He also tells them that Fallcrest is looking forward to greeting them. The city offers special discounts in the market and free room and board for the heroes as they plan their next quest.

When they get to Fallcrest, they are greeted by the Wizard Content Not Found: nimozaran_ who offers his service in training, spells, and rituals. He also tells them to watch out for the Nymph _Content Not Found: verdanna who is known to inhabit the woods along the road to Hammerfast. She has a teleportation stone that they can use to return from the Underdark.

Szartharrax Returns

As the adventurers make their way back out of the Keep on the Shadowfell, they discover the following:

  • All the treasure and provisions that they stored are still hidden.
  • The prisoners have been freed from their cells and are gone.
  • Spring seems to have come to the forest. Birds have returned. The sky seems brighter. Flowers bloom everywhere.

On the road back to Winterhaven a shadow passes over them. Looking up they see a White Dragon circling overhead. The dragon descends to the road in front of the party.

She says:
“Greetings adventurers. We meet again! Were you successful in your quest? Rumours tell that you came here to rescue Prince Olowe, son of Cirdan the Eladrin King. I see that the Prince is among you. Greetings Prince Olowe, I am Szartharrax—friend of these adventurers.”

“I have news that might be of interest to you all if I guess correctly the nature of your mission. I know the location of the Dwarven Ring of Power.”

“During my search for a safer lair away from the Red Dragon of which you spoke, I met a purple dragon in the Dwarforge Mountains. Her name is Azareena. She told me of an Illithid (Mind Flayer) in the Underdark who is trying to breakthrough the Underdark beneath the Dwarven city of Hammerfast in the Dwarforge Mountains. The Illithid plans to enslave the Dwarves and use them as thralls in an attack on the Nentir Vale.”

“The Illithid is using the Dwarven ring to focus the power from two stolen purple dragon eggs that they intend to destroy in a ritual that will release their power and open a teleportation circle.”

“The Dwarves do not have an army and will not have the strength to turn back the attack from the Underdark. Azareena can defeat the Ilithid’s army and help you get the ring, but to enlist her aid, you will have to return her eggs to her. She does not know where the Ilithid is hiding the eggs, so she will be in debt to you if you can save them.”

“I suggest that you start by visiting the Dwarven King in Hammerfast and enlist his help in decending to the Underdark. He should agrees to provide a map of a secret Dwarven passage that was sealed long ago.

“However, be warned, after so much time, the passage probably overrun with deadly Underdark dangers!”

The Dragon Burial Site

At the Dragon Burial Site, where the Skull of Szartharrax’s mother is found, a Gnome leads a dig. The encounter turns nasty when the gnome and his cohorts attack. They are readily dispatched. Douven Stahl is found under a tarp. He confirms that the Prince is probably being taken to The Keep.

The party returns to Winterhaven to gather more information about the Keep. Valthrun relates the story of the history of the Keep on the Shadowfell.


The day after arriving in Winterhaven, the party sets out on the King’s Road again, with Delphinia guiding them to the dragon graveyard. They decide to go there first to get Szartharrax off their backs before proceeding to the waterfall where they suspect that Irontooth is holding the Prince.

Not long after setting out, they are ambushed by Kobolds yet again. They defeat them and discover an amulet, carved in the shape of a dragon with a symbol of Orcus, demon lord of the undead, scratched into it.

They now have to decide whether to continue to follow Delphinia to the dragon graveyard to ensure that they are not attacked at an inopportune moment by Szartharrax, or go to find the waterfall where Irontooth and the Prince likely lie.

Delphinia leads them to the waterfall where the Kobold Lair and Irontooth are. The Kobold guards outside the lair are easily defeated, but once inside the lair, the party takes significant damage before finally defeating Irontooth. Rumours that the Prince was in the hands of Irontooth prove unfounded, but evidence is discovered that the Prince was here but has moved on.

Seeking a connection to the disappearance of Douven Stahl, the party continues on to the Dragon Graveyard.


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