Unite the Rings of Power

Gnome and Spriggan ambush

Working your way north, you come across a road ahead. Before you can reach it you are attacked by a band of gnomes with two spriggan giantsouls that are spoiling for a fight. They mean to rob you but soon discover that they are no match for you.

After watching you dispatch his friends, the gnome entropist named Shaumon surrenders to you. After squeezing him for information, he reveals that he works for a creature named Drexel, the leader of his village of bandits in the Caverns of Gore. He won’t take you there.

Clive says it is a waste of time to go there and recommends letting Shaumon go and just pressing on.

Battle of the Pixies

When you teleport from Senaliesse, you arrive on the border between the realm of the Summer Queen and the realm of the Prince of Frost.

You discover a battle between blue clad and green clad pixies. Unthawed crashes through the bushes and scares off the blue clad pixies. There are many dead pixies of both colours strewn about. You find one who was being tortured for information. After reviving him, you learn that his name is Clive and that he works for Tiandra as part of the border patrol. The blue pixies had crossed the border in search of the Seal of Frost, a device that they use to contact the Prince of Frost. Clive is certain that the seal was stolen by Xivorts.

Once Clive learns of your quest, he offers to accompany you and help you avoid trouble as much as possible and to help you find your way to the palace of the Prince of Frost. He suggests finding a unicorn to guide you as far as it is willing, because they are particularly good at avoiding the worst areas.

You set off north with Clive.

Arrival in Senaliesse

You arrive on a teleportation portal in Senaliesse, the city of Tiandra, the Summer Queen (one of the mightiest Archfey and wife of Cirdan).

Cirdan and Olowe greet you, but it is obvious that Tiandra is the one in charge here.

She tells you that the Prince of Frost, an Archfey in an adjacent territory, has the human ring and is using it as part of his plot to freeze the Natural World into a permanent winter.

Treaties among the Archfey prevent any actions or incursions on Tiandra’s part. It will be up to you to penetrate his territory. She warns you not to reveal that you are coming from her territory. She also warns you that the Feywild is far more dangerous than the Natural World and that creatures and things that are benign in the Natural World might not be here in the Feywild.

She invites you to spend time rejuvenating in her city and to shop for items that you might not be able to pick up elsewhere. She says that when you are ready, she will teleport you to the borders of her territory.

Curufin's Quest: The Final Encounter

You work your way up to the top floor of the tower and discover Anton Azaer in the middle of a ritual to commit the souls of Lady Markelhay and Resilmae Starlight to Imix.

He is protected by a force field that turn back all attacks.

He is guarded by gargoyles that resurrect when they are destroyed.

Grundelmar manages to thwart the ritual and Curufin and Delphinia kill Anton Azaer.

The quest is a success.

Curufin's Quest: Deception of Morigana

You work your way to the second floor of the tower and discover two Flamespikers that appear to be performing a ritual on Ressilmae Starlight. In reality, it is the Succubus Morigana attempting to deceive you.

Morigana kisses Curufin and dominates him. Fortunately, Delphinia and Grundelmar are able to kill the Succubus. You have one more level of the tower… will Ressilmae and Lady Markelhay be there?

Curufin's Quest: The Cultists of Imix

You cautiously approached the ruins of the Tower of Dunkar. Delphinia determined that the main doors are locked and trapped and that the trap was particularly risky to try to dismantle. You decided to climb up on to a recently built wooden balcony that overlooked the crumbling ruins.

From the balcony you determined that there was a large number of Imix Cultists carrying out some sort of ritual. The cult leader stood within a fire that did not burn him. The face of Imix would occasionally flash in the fire.

Grundelmar opened the fight by teleporting the cult leader away to another dimension while Delphinia and Curufin opened fire on the guards and the cultists. Both guards burst into flames and ran towards the balcony. One made it to the foot of the stairs, setting it on fire.

Curufin and Grundelmar climbed down into the fortress and began fighting with the cultists and additional guards. The guards were dazed an so could not burst into flames when they died. The cult leader retuned from the beyond but was dazed by his ordeal. He tried to confer a blessing on his followers, but a few well placed shots quickly brought him down.

Just before the fire on the balcony brought it down in flames, Delphinia climbed down to the ruins. With the entire cult finally dispatched, a search of the ruins revealed a secret escape door, but no obvious way into the tower apart from the main door.

Delphinia discovered a devious fire trap on the door. Her first attempt to disable it got her scortched, but on her second try she successfully shut it down. Screams are heard from the tower above.

The Blessing of Bahamut

An old female Dragonborn Cleric greets you after your fight with Trixzi and Grud. She tells you that Bahamut and Kuyutha have requested an audience with you in Bahamut’s Temple at Mount Mertion.

Kuyutha is the best known of the exarchs of Bahamut. She is the Bahamut emissary to the dragonborn race. Kuyutha was the last of the greatest dragonborn paladins of the long lost empire of Arkhosia, and she saved many of the surviving dragonborn clans after the fall of the empire. For her deeds, Bahamut rewarded her with a divine spark. Kuyutha now lives in Mount Mertion (one of the seven mounts of Mount Celestia), training a new order of dragonborn knights of Bahamut.

Tyagi the cleric calls down seven metallic dragons who act as mounts to carry you to a teleportation portal in the far north that you will use to go to Mount Mertion.

Upon your arrival, you are taken to a great palace and meet Kuyutha and an old man with seven canaries flying about his head. The old man remains quiet throughout the encounter, but carefully regards each of you when you speak.

Kuyutha said:

“Greetings adventurers. I am Kuyutha, exarch of Bahamut and the last Paladin to survive the destruction of Arkhosia. We have a common purpose, to reestablish the great Lawful Good empires of old and drive back the influence of evil. For this purpose I am training a great army of Dragonborn Paladins.

“When I witnessed your deeds for Nowe (Cirdan) in freeing Fallcrest and Winterhaven from the scourge of Golbins and Kobolds, in stopping Kalarel from opening the rift to the Shadowfell to release Orcus upon the world, in retrieving the Eladrin Ring and prince Olowe, and now in stopping the Mind Flayer from enslaving the Dwarven race and in retrieving the Dwarven ring, I wanted to recruit you to join my order of Knights.

“But Bahamut has another offer for you, support for your quest to retrieve the remaing rings. Bahamut does not interfere or intervene in the activities of Middle Earth, but does reward and support those whose deeds are aligned with her goals.

“If you agree to continue with your quest and, while doing so, uphold the virtues of Lawful Goodness, Bahamut will help you as she sees fit.”

Wunthal, a high priest of Moradin visits Unthawed and conveys his thanks and a blessing from Moradin on the quest. He proclaims that there is no other dwarf more worthy to bear the ring than Unthawed.

Kuyutha tells you that the Human Ring of Power has been located in the Feywild, in the hands of the Prince of Frost.

After a day resting in a garden on Mount Mertion, you agree to abide by the tenets of Lawful Goodness. Soon you are escorted to a teleportation portal and are sent back to the natural world.

Curufin's Quest

While Varan’s band of adventurers is off fighting Trixzi and Grud on the road to the mountain pass, Curufin contacts Cirdan and learns that Ressilmae Starlight and Lady Markelhay have been kidnapped by the Azaers and taken down the Nentir River.

He gathers his new friend, Delphinia Moongem who has been in training as a Rogue by Verdana and her companions in the Feywild, and heads to Fallcrest. He approaches Grundelmar, the dwarf Cleric of Pelor to enlist his help.

After asking some questions around the town, the party determines that the Tieflings have sailed out on their boat, the Aventi, and are making their way south. The adventurers steal a boat so as no to alert suspicion in the town that they might be pursuing the kidnappers.

Reaching the King’s Road bridge, a local fisherwoman, Kana, an acquaintance of Grundelmar, confirms that the Aventi sailed past the day before and was last seen docked 40 or 50 miles down-river.

Delphinia camouflages the boat and they set out in search of the Aventi. She spots a place on the bank that has been disturbed and the group stops to investigate. A floating dock is found stashed in the woods. It has green paint on it, which matches the colour of the Aventi.

Grundelmar uses his magic map to locate Ressilmae, who is being held at the ruins of the Tower of Dunkar. The team sets out through the bush to locate the long lost ruins and finds them in a tangled growth of vines and trees.

A short rest and then it's back on the road

You spend a couple of days in Fallcrest brushing up on your fighting techniques and getting rested. While you are there, you receive a reply from Cirdan that he wants you to come to Astrazalian for news of the rings. He also tells you that his agent, Curufin, is missing.

A couple of days later Caty sends a message informing Cirdan of the attacks on Fallcrest and the missing people. He reports that Curufin has been contacted and that Curufin will attempt to rescue the two women. He again requests your presence at Astrazalian.

You set out for Astrazalian, taking the northern pass near Winterhaven. After a celebratory night in Winterhaven you again take to the road. It is not long before you encounter three men on horseback who obviously intend to attack you. As you attack them, two Ogres and a familiar Bugbear attack you. You soon realize that Trixzi and Grud are back and they are after the ring. You knock Trixzi unconscious, kill one ogre, and bloody Grud. As soon as Trixzi falls, Grud surrenders.

After interrogating the pair you discover that they are trying to get the Eladrin ring from you in order to use it to enact revenge on Cirdan.

While you ponder whether to kill the pair or spare them yet again, a cloaked figure appears by the road.

Nimozaran’s Tower and the House of Azaer

You visit the Green Wizard Nimozaran in the Septarch’s Tower and are advised to seek out Cirdan in Astrazalian rather than attempting to track down Lady Markelhay and Ressilmae Starlight. Lord Markelhay has sent his own detachment out to find them.

Nimozaran tells you that the Elemental Eye is also known as the Chained God. Long ago during the war of the gods, the good aligned gods chained a god in the Abyss to prevent him from destroying the world that they had made from the Elemental Chaos. It is believed that Orcus serves the Chained God, but he is somewhat surprised to learn that Demogorgon and Imix are also involved.

He had nothing to offer about why Gruumsh might be interested in the ring, but suspects that the attack from the Orcs is totally unrelated to the Elemental Eye. It is unlikely that Gruumsh would work for anyone else.

After lunching with Nimozaran you head to the House of Azaer where you are greeted in a most unfriendly manner. One of the Azaers and his guards attack you, but you take them down in a quick fight. Caty fells the Azaer but keeps him alive for questioning. Unfortunately, Khull triggers a floor trap and Azaer is killed in the fall.


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