Tag: Fey


  • Cirdan

    Cirdan (keer-dan) is an Eladrin King. He resides both in the natural world and in the [[Feywild]]. He rules from [[Astrazalian]], an island on the western shore of [[Middle-earth]]. He is probably the oldest Eladrin still in Middle-Earth. He was the …

  • Prince Olowe

    Olowe is the son of King [[:cirdan]] of [[Astrazalian]]. Along with his father, he is the keeper of one of the Eladrin rings of power. His ring was stolen during an ambush by Goblins at [[The Cross Roads]]. Olowe himself was taken to [[:kalarel]] to …

  • Curufin

    Curufin is a faithful member of [[:cirdan]]'s royal guard. He works as bodyguard, messenger, and spy for the Eladrin king. He often brings tidings and information from Cirdan to the adventurers.

  • Delphinia Moongem

    Delphinia is first encountered as a flower girl in the market of [[Winterhaven]]. She had seen Goblins and Kobolds in the forest and up at the [[Keep on the Shadowfell | old keep]] where she went to pick flowers to sell. She directs the party to [[: …

  • Verdanna

    Verdanna is a Spring Nymph who lives in a glade that is a worldfall between the natural world and the [[Feywild]]. Every evening the glade slips from the Feywild into the natural world and Verdanna and her companions enter the natural world. Sometimes …

  • Clive

    Clive is a pixie who works as a border guard between the realms of Tiandra and the Prince of Frost. He joins the party after his village is attacked by Blue Pixies. He has taken a liking to Lacief and so travels with her.

  • Tiandra

    The Summer Queen. An Arch Fey. Wife of Cirdan. She guides the party to find the next ring of power in the hands of the Prince of Frost.