Unite the Rings of Power

Chamber of the Eggs

The Mind Flayer is conducting his ritual to create a teleportation circle in a chamber that is full of traps! The doors are trapped, the floors are trapped, even the platform with the eggs is trapped.

After securing the guardroom with a Nail of Sealing and a Silence spell, Lacief successfully disables the trapped door to the chamber with the eggs. Duor easily unlocks the door and the adventurers proceed up the stairs to the dark chamber.

The eggs are found on top of a platform carved from red stone. Laceif detects both the magic of the dragon eggs and the magic of the ritual in progress. A quick check also determines that the stairs that lead to the platform is trapped and so are the tiles on which the eggs rest. Lacief floats Duor on a Tensor’s Floating disk up to the egg platform where Duor attempts to disable the traps. The trap beneath one egg is disabled, so Caty sends her unseen servant to retrieve the egg.

Unfortunately while attempting to disable the trap beneath the second egg, the trap is sprung and bars swing down from the ceiling, barely missing Duor, but trapping him in the cage with the egg.

Quick thinking Unthawed uses the power of Duor’s Amulet of Passage to teleport himself into the cage. He then proceeds to hack at the bars until he has broken enough to enable Caty’s unseen servant to carry out the second egg.

Meanwhile, outside the guardroom, additional guards have found it locked by the Nail of Sealing, and they attempt to break in. Caty, Varan, and Splug stand guard in case the Troglodytes break through.

Duor and Unthawed use the Tensor’s Floating Disk to escape the red stone platform. While up on the platform Duor noticed something that might be an escape route on the opposite side of the chamber. He also noted two drawers or cupboard doors built into the wall.

A quick check of the floor reveals that it is indeed trapped, but using the Tensor’s Floating Disk, Laceif is able to ferry everyone over the traps to the opposite side of the room. While Duor and Laceif attempt to find and open a secret door, Unthawed and Varan discover 340gp in sacks in the cupboards.

Duor’s attempt to disable the trapped door sets off the trap and Laceif takes a minor hit from a dart. Before another dart can be unleashed, the party open the door and exits the room.



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