Unite the Rings of Power

Curufin's Quest

While Varan’s band of adventurers is off fighting Trixzi and Grud on the road to the mountain pass, Curufin contacts Cirdan and learns that Ressilmae Starlight and Lady Markelhay have been kidnapped by the Azaers and taken down the Nentir River.

He gathers his new friend, Delphinia Moongem who has been in training as a Rogue by Verdana and her companions in the Feywild, and heads to Fallcrest. He approaches Grundelmar, the dwarf Cleric of Pelor to enlist his help.

After asking some questions around the town, the party determines that the Tieflings have sailed out on their boat, the Aventi, and are making their way south. The adventurers steal a boat so as no to alert suspicion in the town that they might be pursuing the kidnappers.

Reaching the King’s Road bridge, a local fisherwoman, Kana, an acquaintance of Grundelmar, confirms that the Aventi sailed past the day before and was last seen docked 40 or 50 miles down-river.

Delphinia camouflages the boat and they set out in search of the Aventi. She spots a place on the bank that has been disturbed and the group stops to investigate. A floating dock is found stashed in the woods. It has green paint on it, which matches the colour of the Aventi.

Grundelmar uses his magic map to locate Ressilmae, who is being held at the ruins of the Tower of Dunkar. The team sets out through the bush to locate the long lost ruins and finds them in a tangled growth of vines and trees.



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