Unite the Rings of Power

Curufin's Quest: The Cultists of Imix

You cautiously approached the ruins of the Tower of Dunkar. Delphinia determined that the main doors are locked and trapped and that the trap was particularly risky to try to dismantle. You decided to climb up on to a recently built wooden balcony that overlooked the crumbling ruins.

From the balcony you determined that there was a large number of Imix Cultists carrying out some sort of ritual. The cult leader stood within a fire that did not burn him. The face of Imix would occasionally flash in the fire.

Grundelmar opened the fight by teleporting the cult leader away to another dimension while Delphinia and Curufin opened fire on the guards and the cultists. Both guards burst into flames and ran towards the balcony. One made it to the foot of the stairs, setting it on fire.

Curufin and Grundelmar climbed down into the fortress and began fighting with the cultists and additional guards. The guards were dazed an so could not burst into flames when they died. The cult leader retuned from the beyond but was dazed by his ordeal. He tried to confer a blessing on his followers, but a few well placed shots quickly brought him down.

Just before the fire on the balcony brought it down in flames, Delphinia climbed down to the ruins. With the entire cult finally dispatched, a search of the ruins revealed a secret escape door, but no obvious way into the tower apart from the main door.

Delphinia discovered a devious fire trap on the door. Her first attempt to disable it got her scortched, but on her second try she successfully shut it down. Screams are heard from the tower above.



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