Unite the Rings of Power

Friends in the Underdark

Upon leaving the chamber with the eggs, the adventurers are confronted by a dark figure that turns out to a the Drow Quewan, send by Szartharrax to guide them to Azareena the Purple Dragon’s lair.

She guides them to the lair, but will not enter with them, citing fear for her safety.

The adventurers venture in alone and are immediately confronted by a large adult Purple Dragon. She appears before them in all her fury and splendor, causing them to be stunned. Caty and Varan quickly placate her by indicating that Szartharrax has sent them to retrieve her eggs and return them to her. In exchange, they ask for her help in distracting the Mind Flayer’s army while they attempt to defeat him and retrieve the Dwarven Ring of Power. Lacief’s presence seems to annoy Azareena during the negotiations, so she dominates the Wizard with her gaze, but soon frees her once she realizes that the adventurers mean her no harm.

Azareena invites the adventurers to rest and refresh themselves before the fight.

She then flies off with the eggs, presumably to hide them.



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