Unite the Rings of Power

Mystery of the Moonsong Temple revealed!

Things are not always what they seem

You pass the night at Branson’s Livery without incident, but in the morning you learn that two Tieflings visited the Moonsong Temple during the night and departed with two large sacks over their shoulders.

Varak arrives from Moonstone Keep to inform you that there was an attack on the Keep during the night which Markelhay assumes was meant to be a distraction because someone stole a boat that was left unguarded during the attack and headed south down the Nentir River.

You consider pursuing the boat, which you assume contains Priestess Ressilmae Starlight and Lady Markelhay, but then you realize that you will be leaving the town open to further attacks. Varak informs you that Markelhay is reluctant to attack the Azers and the Naerumars due to the long standing friendship with his father and grandfather. He refuses to believe that the Tieflings have made some sort of dark pact—even after you told him about how Orest and a bunch of Goblins ambushed you at Fiveleague House—and despite the fact that members of the House of Azer and the House of Naerumar were involved with the Doppelganger incident at Moonstone Keep.

You determine that the Moonsong Temple appears to be the focus of all the trouble (or is it just a diversion?), so you decide to investigate the temple first before paying a visit to the houses of the Tieflings.

When you enter the temple, you find it empty. You discover some papers in Ressilmae Starlight’s office, written in Elven, that indicate that she was growing suspicious of the Tieflings in town—particularly after they had visited her several times. You determine that these papers were written during the time that you were still in the Keep on the Shadowfell. You use an animal messenger to convey the papers to Markelhay in hopes that he will finally agree to an attack on the houses of the Tieflings.

A thorough search turns up Ressilmae Starlight, bound and gagged and hidden under her bed. You question her and she begins to spin a tale of Markelhay’s Lord Chamberlain and the Green Wizard plotting to overthrow Markelhay and take control of the city. She claims that they have been using her temple for nefarious purposes. Something about her tale just doesn’t ring true and so Unthawed grabs her after she attempts to kiss him. At that moment, four Cambion Hellswords teleport into the temple and charge you.

During the fight, Ressilmae does manage to kiss Unthawed and he appears to fall under some sort of charm. He then becomes dominated and attacks Varan. When Ressilmae becomes bloodied, she shape-shifts to her true form—a Succubus! As she sees her allies fall, the Succubus threatens to make Unthawed kill himself if they do not let her fly free. Her magical charms and demon beauty are very persuasive, and before you can come to your senses and kill her, she is gone.



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