Unite the Rings of Power

The Eye of Gruumsh! What is HE doing here?

Orcs attack from nowhere!

First it was Tieflings and other townsfolk-worshipers of The Elder Elemental Eye attacking you and trying to take over Fallcrest—and now, out of nowhere, a band of Gruumsh’s ravaging orcs jump you!

Just as you prepared to ride off to the Moonsong Temple, a band of orcs and half-orcs burst from one of the outbuildings of a property in Fallcrest. They only seem to have one thing in mind, kill the dwarf and capture the ring for Gruumsh.

These orcs are not easily defeated, and Unthawed goes down unconscious during the fight. Luckily a coordinated effort by the team brings the orcs down, but only at the loss of two of your horses and a lot of your key attack powers.

Now you’ve got a mystery on your hands… are followers of Gruumsh also worshipers of The Elder Elemental Eye, or are the two groups working independently? The later seems more likely. There is no love between Gruumsh in his realm in the Astral Sea and the Infernal Powers of the Abyss!

The Tieflings and their allies appear to be bent on stopping your quest to unite the rings, whereas, the orcs only seemed to care about getting the Dwarven ring.

At the end of the battle, you are tired and in need of recovery, but bells are ringing and guards are calling from the town walls …. Fallcrest is under siege! Ahead of you, in the vicinity of the Moonsong Temple, fires appear to be erupting on rooftops… can you afford to abandon the people of Fallcrest and take a rest now?

And what of Lady Markelhay? Now that you have unmasked the imposter, is her life in danger? Where is she being held? With one of the Tiefling families, or at the Moonsong Temple?



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