Unite the Rings of Power

Troglodyte Guardroom

Duor picked the locks to the guardroom outside of the room that contains the dragon eggs. As the doors are opened, the adventurers are able to get off a surprise attack against the Troglodyte guards. A fierce corridor battle ensues. The Troglodyte Curse Chanter is quickly taken out before he can do too much damage, but both Unthawed and Varan take heavy damage finishing off the other guards.

The last remaining Troglodyte Impaler surrendered before he is killed. Varan intimidates him into revealing that the eggs in the next room are guarded by traps and that he expects that the Mind Flayer will come to perform a ritual on the eggs within the hour.

He said that if they try to rest here other guards or the Mind Flayer will find them.

The Troglodyte is tied up.



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