Eladrin King (also known as Nowe by the Eladrin)


Eladrin King


Cirdan (keer-dan) is an Eladrin King. He resides both in the natural world and in the Feywild. He rules from Astrazalian, an island on the western shore of Middle-earth.

He is probably the oldest Eladrin still in Middle-Earth. He was the keeper of the seven rings of power that enabled the Eladrin, Elves, Humans, Dragonborn, and Dwarves of old to keep the forces of the Dark Gods at bay.

Cirdan and his family held the two Eladrin rings of power after the others were lost during the war with the Drow.

The fate of the other rings is unknown. Cirdan and his son Prince Olowe have been searching all of Middle-earth to find the other rings.

Cirdan is also known as Nowe.


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